Education Doctorate (Ed. D.) in Professional Leadership

The Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies offers this degree program.

Is this Program for Me?

The Executive Ed. D. in Professional Leadership prepares students for Professional and Administrative Leadership positions in a variety of settings. The program provides intensive research and applied skills for students grappling with real-world concerns in education. Students bring the most pressing concerns experienced by the educational community to each course. A Laboratory of Practice gives students an avenue to apply the specifics of these problems to their other courses and their research. The Executive Ed. D. in Professional Leadership also fulfills requirements for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) Superintendent Certificate (195).

The Executive Ed.D. offers a number of distinctive benefits, including:

  • A program structure that enables fully employed professionals to earn a doctorate in 2 years, while continuing to manage their career if they are registered full-time (at least 9 hours per semester) which includes Summer Semesters
  • Concentration areas tailored to specific career interests
  • Personalized academic and career advisement
  • A cohort structured program where students help students and develop a learning community

What will I learn?

The Professional Leadership doctoral program places a strong emphasis on reflective, creative and critical thinking when dealing with problems and dilemmas. It develops professional leadership, ethical, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills through:

  • Coursework
  • Laboratory of Practice
  • Doctoral Thesis
  • TExES Superintendent (195)

The successful Ed. D. candidate enthusiastically and rigorously:

  • Identifies and develops professional leadership identity through ongoing reflection.
  • Develops and implements a vision for establishing rich teaching and learning environments with input from all stakeholders, based on creative and effective use of data.
  • Builds community and encourages collaboration, internally and externally, among teachers, students, families, industry, non-profit and other community resources.
  • Frames, analyzes, and innovatively resolves educational dilemmas in light of political, social, economic, legal, and cultural contexts that are informed by current literature, applied theoretical knowledge, and current policies.
  • Implements a continuous cycle of inquiry based on reflection and collaboration that includes authentic data collection, analysis, and dissemination.
  • Identifies and acts with professionalism, integrity and ethical behavior.

Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which they complete an official, approved degree plan. Following is the most current sample degree plan for the Ed. D. in Professional Leadership.

What can I do with my degree?

The program prepares graduates for academic leadership positions in the following settings:

  • K-12 schools,
  • Technical schools
  • Adult schools
  • Educational Agencies
  • School District Offices

Graduates of the Executive Ed. D in Professional Leadership may pursue the following careers:

  • Superintendents
  • Central and District Office Directors
  • K-12 School Administrators
  • College or University Professors

To apply for this program, please see the Graduate Application Checklist.

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