Undergraduate Student Resources

Academic Probation & Academic Warning

  • Students who find themselves on Academic Notice or Academic Probation should understand the UH policies about these statuses.
  • Students who encounter holds on their accounts due to Academic Probation or Academic Notice should make an appointment to meet with their advisor.  Only after the student has successfully been advised can the hold be removed.
  • Additionally, students on Academic Probation are required to complete two workshops with Learning Support Services in order to improve their academic performance.  Only after proof of these workshops has been secured can the College’s Academic Probation hold be removed. 


Students on suspension who wish to be readmitted should read the UH policy on suspension carefully.

The College of Education does not readmit students to begin in the summer.

The College of Education does not count the Summer as a semester “off” nor may a student return from suspension at the beginning of Summer. For students placed on first suspension, this means that students suspended at the end of Spring may begin the process of readmission in the Fall to enroll in the following Spring. Students should begin the process well ahead of the semester in which they plan to re-enroll.

While we hope to see all students successfully complete a degree with us, not everyone is ready to do so.  Thus, readmission from suspension is not guaranteed. To be considered for readmission to the College of Education, you must successfully complete the following:

  • To initiate the readmission process students must reapply as a former student by completing the Undergraduate Readmission online Apply Texas application.
  • Readmission Policies & Checklist. Fill out the linked form and sign once you have read and understood the policies and procedures described there.
  • 2 Learning Support Services Workshops.  You will be asked to show proof of participation.  One session must be on the topic of Time Management.  
  • Statement of Readiness. You must complete a  1-2 page typed statement of readiness that reflects on any impediments that kept you from succeeding in the past, what changes have occurred with you, and your plan for academic success in the future.  Statements of readiness that are written below college level expectations of grammar and composition will be returned to students without a review of their suspension status.
  • Self-Assessment.    
  • All students with a completed readmission file should plan to meet with your academic advisor on or before the deadline date (will be indicated in an introductory email) for each Spring or Fall semester. All decisions should be made no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester for which you are seeking readmission.
  • You should submit all materials to your advisor (statement of readiness, proof of LSS participation, this completed document and Readmission Contract) at the time of your appointment with your advisor. 
  • GPA Calculations. You should calculate 1) how many hours you must take per semester 2) how many semesters you are likely to remain on probation 3) the GPA they will need to maintain to be achieve the 2.0 cumulative GPA necessary to achieve “good standing” at UH.  To make these calculations, visit the GPA Calculator. Once on this page, choose “Target GPA”. You can access your number of UH hours and cumulative GPA info on your my.uh.edu account.  Do not include your transfer hours/grades in your calculations.
  • Readmission from Academic Suspension Contract.


Visit our comprehensive page to learn more about graduation and commencement in the College of Education.

Important UH Policies

Students should be familiar with the Undergraduate Course catalog generally, but students should be particularly aware of the policies below as they are relevant to many students.

Transfer of College Credits - 66 Hour Rule

A maximum of 66 semester hours of lower division (freshman and sophomore) transfer work will be allowed to apply toward a baccalaureate degree at the University of Houston. If a student transfers more than 66 semester hours of lower division work, the dean or his/her designated representative of the college of the student's major will decide which of the total lower division hours, not to exceed 66, will apply to the UH degree. The classification of a course as lower division is based on the classification at UH.

Transfer of College Credits - 30 Hour Rule

To earn a degree at the university, the last 30 semester hours must be completed in residence on this campus. Only grade points earned at the University of Houston are averaged for the degree.

Read more about Transfer of College Credits for the University of Houston.

Please refer to your Academic Department for other important dates.