Asian American Studies Center (AASC) Imaging Logo Contest Winners

The Asian American Studies Center (AASC) at the University of Houston is proud to announce the winners of it's Imaging Logo Contest. The judging committee  has selected the top 3 winners: 1st place goes to John Meng; 2nd place is Jeff Feng; and 3rd place to Bao Loi.  Congratulations & thanks to all the participants for their continued support & commitment to the Asian American Studies Center. 


  • $1000 for first place winner
  • $500 for second place winner
  • $300 for third place winner

The Imaging Logo Contest was open to the UH community, including students, alumni, staff and faculty.  The winning entries were chosen by a panel of judges that included Yali Zou, Lois Zomora, Gorge Gamble, Thomas DeGregory, Lan Ni, Ling Zhu, Louis Leung, and Elizabeth Gonzales.

The 1st place winner will have their design on all AASC promotional materials and in all kinds of media (digital and print). AASC will use the 1st place winners’ name in future publicity materials.

The AASC is an interdisciplinary academic center dedicated to the study of Asians/Asian Americans in the United States and abroad. Its mission is to generate knowledge in, increase awareness of, and foster rich opportunities for learning about the Asian/Asian American experiences. For more information about the center, please check: