BOUNCE 5K Fun Run/Walk a Great Success!

BOUNCE (Behavior Opportunities Uniting Nutrition Counseling and Exercise) held its first annual 5K Fun Run/Walk on Saturday, April 21, 2012 on the UH Campus. The event was organized by Norma Olvera, professor of Health Education.  Proceeds from the event benefited Healthy Lifestyle Programs designed to promote healthy eating, exercise, and positive body image in Hispanic and African American youth.  "The BOUNCE 5K Fun Run/Walk was a total success, said Olvera.  "Participating families and UH students had an opportunity to exercise while being cheered by UH cheerleaders and UH mascots"

Dr. Norma Olvera
Dr. Norma Olvera

Olvera said the event drew 112 participants and 42 student volunteers.  She was pleased that several of the participants reported that they ran or walked 5K for the first time!  She also said the participants thought having Shasta the UH Mascot at the event was simply awesome.  


BOUNCE is an award winning health and nutritional program that takes standard nutrition and physical activity intervention to the next level by fostering the mother-child partnership; heeding the cultural and gender specific behaviors that shape perceptions about food, exercise, and body image; and promoting the healthy lifestyle as fun.  Olvera explains, “The idea behind the program is to teach young girls about positive body image and healthy food and exercise choices.”

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About Norma Olvera

Olvera is an Associate Professor of Health Education in the Department of Psychological, Health and Learning Sciences. Her research interests include:

  • Childhood obesity determinants
  • Parental, acculturation, psychological and environmental factors associated with eating practices and physical activity levels in minority and immigrant children and families.
  • Community and Family-Based Interventions
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of school and community healthy lifestyle interventions designed for minority and immigrant populations 

Runners and Shasta at the BOUNCE 5K Fun Run/Walk