Dr. Leslie Frankel

Dr. Leslie A. Frankel


Title: Associate Professor

Department: Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences

Program: Human Development and Family Sciences

Office Number: 428 FH

Phone: 713-743-3999

Email: lafrankel@uh.edu

Website: http://www.ParentChildLab.com

CV: My Vita


My research interests are focused on parent-child relationships and their impact on early child development. Specifically, my recent research has examined children’s ability to self-regulate in general, as well as in the context of eating, with a particular emphasis on parents’ role in the development of their children’s self-regulatory abilities. I also investigate how stress and other contextual factors impact parent-child interactions and relationships.


Recent Publications:

28 Publications Located: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=4pXA4rUAAAAJ&hl=en

* = student author

Sampige, R.*, Kuno, C. B.,* & Frankel, L. A. (2023). Mental health matters: Parent mental health and children's emotional eating. Appetite, 180, 106317.

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Pereira, S., Smith, H. S., Frankel, L. A., Christensen, K. D., Islam, R., Robinson, J. O., ... & Timothy, W. Y. (2021). Psychosocial Effect of Newborn Genomic Sequencing on Families in the BabySeq Project: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA pediatrics.

Frankel, L. A., & Kuno, C. B.* (2019). The moderating role of parent gender on the relationship between restrictive feeding and a child's self–regulation in eating: Results from mother-only samples may not apply to both parents. Appetite, 143, 104424.

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M.A. in Human Development and Family Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2009
Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2011
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Baylor College of Medicine - Children's Nutrition Research Center, 2013
Professional Certification in Certified Family Life Education, National Council on Family Relations, 2015